AIDAN WOODS & CO SOLICITORS Specialist in Criminal Defence At the Police Station, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts.
AIDAN WOODS & CO SOLICITORS Specialist in Criminal Defence At the Police Station, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts.  

Welcome to Aidan Woods & Co Solicitors, experts in all aspects of Criminal Defence work.

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Established in 1984 as a specialist criminal defence practice Aidan Woods & Co. have vast experience of all aspects of criminal litigation.

It is clearly a very stressful experience to have to be interviewed by the police and attend court proceedings having been accused of a criminal offence, no matter how minor or trivial it may seem to others.

It can be vital to the outcome of any case to ensure that you are properly advised by a suitably qualified lawyer throughout the entire procedure from the police investigation right through to your final appearance in court.

This firm has a vast knowledge of all criminal matters from Murder to Road Traffic offences and we represent people at police stations, and at Magistrates' and Crown Courts throughout the South West and beyond.

Representation at the police station is free of charge. Please take the time to read our page on Police Stations.

We carry out both Legal Aid work and privately funded work in both the Magistrates' and Crown Courts. It would be well worth your while reading our pages about each of those courts and then especially our page about Legal Aid as the decision on whether to apply for Legal Aid is not necessarily a straightforward one!


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