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AIDAN WOODS & CO SOLICITORS Specialist in Criminal Defence At the Police Station, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts.
AIDAN WOODS & CO SOLICITORS Specialist in Criminal Defence At the Police Station, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts.  

Police Station Attendances

Any person attending the police station as a suspect to be questioned by the police is entitled to free and independent legal advice.

Suspects can be questioned at the police station by either attending voluntarily at an agreed time or following arrest. Either way, you will be told of your entitlement to free and independent legal advice on the telephone or in person. You will be given an opportunity of nominating a solicitor of your choice, otherwise you will receive the Duty Solicitor.

The decision on whether to answer police questions or not is one of the most important aspects of any case and therefore we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity of this free legal advice and always have a lawyer in attendance with you . Your lawyer will obtain the details of the allegation/s from the police and then have an opportunity to discuss matters with you in private before advising you of how to approach police questioning.

Following the police interview, there are a number of ways that the case might proceed:

If you were arrested and interviewed then the police will consider whether they have sufficient evidence to charge you. If not, then they will either take no further action or release you on police bail to come back at a future date whilst they make further enquiries. They could interview you again having made additional enquiries.

If the police do consider that there is sufficient evidence to justify a charge then you will receive a copy of the charge/s which will specify when you are required to attend court. The police then have to consider whether you are suitable to be bailed/released under investigaiton and whether any bail conditions maybe appropriate. Again, it is helpful to have a lawyer present in case there are any representations to be made at this stage.

If you were interviewed without being arrested then the police cannot charge you with an offence. You may be released under investigation. If they ultimately determine that there is evidence to proceed to court then they have to notify you that you will be reported for summons. You can then expect to receive a summons in the post in due course. 

Whilst you are in police custody, there are rules and regulations that the police must comply with and your legal representative will be able to advise you of any compliance issues that may arise.

This firm has a number of qualified lawyers who provide advice and assistance at the police station and we would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about attending the police station.

If you do ask for this firm to represent you then you can expect to receive prompt contact and attendance just as soon as the police are ready to proceed.

We are on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week by contacting our normal office number 0117 9522006.

Out-of Hours is the same telephone number.